A short history about DSEBA

The Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration (DSEBA) was founded on the 1st of September 2005, even though doctoral economic studies have existed in our school for more than three decades. Today, it is an active academic community having 37 PhD advisers, 92 research advisers and more than 150 PhD students. Doctoral programs are supported by the active involvement of professors and researchers from the four departments of our school: Accounting, Business Informatics, Economics and International Relations, Finance and Public Administration and Management, Marketing and Business Administration.

The mission of the doctoral school is to provide development solutions to society through advanced research in Economics and Business Administration.
The eight doctoral programs develop theoretical and methodological competencies necessary for facilitating the appearance of solutions, surveys and studies at the micro and macro level. To achieve this goal, we expect top students to face the challenges of critical thinking, of academic excellence and inter-contextual environment. Every program (Business Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Economy and International Relations, Finance, Business Informatics, Management, Marketing) is a three year program of academic study and research. This period also includes a systematic involvement of PhD students into the development of their academic competencies by participating in research projects of the faculty and doctoral school.

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Professor Adriana Prodan, PhD

Director SDEAA

Tel: +40 232 201436,
email: pada@uaic.ro